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Content cut off and unable to scroll down

Having a hard time figuring out why I’m unable to scroll down on the 2nd page of my website titled “gud” when content is being cut off at the bottom. Thanks in advance.

The content is there for me, though the background color stops before the bottom of the page. There are quite a few structural issues with your site. Have you watched the tutorial videos to learn how to structure your site so it works well on all devices?

Is there a way to individually edit what the website looks like for each device?

Yes in the tabs at the top. I strongly suggest you watch the videos at before you continue. It will be very difficult to answer basic questions one by one that are thoroughly explained in the videos. Webflow has a learning curve, it isn’t like squarespace or Wix, it will take some time to learn, that’s why webflow has many videos to help. Good Luck!

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