Content container spilling over into other div blocks on published mobile only

I’m having an issue where the “Project Name & Learn More” button is being pushed down into other div blocks further down the page, but the problem only seems to happen when using the published link on mobile. The page behaves as it should while in the web preview at all breaking points.

Attaching screen shots of published link

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bianco Studio

Published Link:

Hi @Matt_Whitehead I took a look at your site and it couldn’t find the issue.

to make sure I completely understand what you need, can you please do a screen recording of the issue so I can further investigate? You can use a free app called Loom to do this.

Hi @PixelGeek,

Big fan. Below is the link to the issue. The issue seems exclusive to mobile iOS and not Android. Have a look.