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Container will not go full page


Thanks to WebFlow for a truly wonderful product and support.
On Win10 latest Chrome
The container will not go full-page, and no scrolling

I’ve tried most of the online suggestions like “Unhide Overflow” with no luck. I’ve deleted the whole project and started over, no luck.

THanks for any help, Sam

Here is my site Read-Only: [][1]
Webflow - 3DSMITH

Hi, I’ve had a quick look and think you need to:

  1. Start by adding a section
  2. Adding a div block to that section (instead of a container)
  3. Set the div block to the ‘fixed’ position, then to ‘full’
  4. Add the heading

Webflow is reliant on understanding how to structure pages and I’d recommend watching some of the video in the Webflow university. Or, this video might be helpful - How To Structure Websites Efficiently With Webflow - YouTube

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Thanks for the reply, I tried your advice with no luck. Yes, I was following a WU video on sticky Nav and it didn’t call for that. Oh well, thought this software was too good to be true. Thanks for your time and help.


Sorry you were right I did two things wrong, I was using a Container, not a Section as you said and, I was setting the SIZE to Height 100% when it should have been VH to 100%. All is good now I’m back on track, again thanks for your skill and time.