Container Width Behaves Differently Depending Upon Account

Hi Webflow forum folks! I’ve got an issue that I can’t articulate well enough in a search engine or other search tools to find an answer, so I’ll write a little bit of a novel.

I’ve got a decent understanding of Section > Container > DIV etc, and I normally build sections with containers in them. However, I have two accounts - One is for my Personal Work / Client Work, and the other is just a new account for one of my clients, kind of like a “work” account. One my main account, it’s exactly as I expect. Make a section, drop in a container, and it’s at max width, filling most of the section at the default breakpoint. On the other account, drop in the section, add a container, and it looks like I just dropped in an empty DIV.

Also interesting, is that the designer UI looks different on the account I’m having the issue with. Seems like this account is assigned as a “Beginner” mode or similar, as it also has a “+Start with a section” kind of an indicator when I make a brand new site.

I’m stumped as hell, and I’ve got read only links below for both, as well as a screenshot showing the differences. Both of these were created using the exact same steps. Add a section, add a container, nothing else. Any ideas?

The one that behaves as I expect, and as I want.

The one that behaves oddly, with the small container and different UI.

It looks like the issue lies with Flexbox vs Block elements, so I can fix it, but anyone have any ideas on the UI difference?