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Container Sizing Issue

I’m pretty new to webflow and have been using it to set up a portfolio website. I’ve been having this issue where when I preview my site my containers seemed to be sized appropriately but when I check the published site some of them don’t take up the full max width they are set to, but some of them do. I’m not sure which setting I’m messing up on the other containers and would appreciate some help figuring it out.

With the preview everything looks fine.

But when published some of the containers aren’t behaving how I want them too.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Cassidy's Portfolio

Here is the published url: Project 3

that particular container you are using the webflow container instead of a div named container like the others and webflows pre-style is overriding.
webflows pre-style container

has a max width of 1170

put that content in a div named container and not a container you should be golden

Easy enough! Thanks Jeremy.