Container Resizing when I delete an element

Hi there!

I am having an issue I haven’t encountered before. I made a copy of an existing case study to create a new one and have been replacing and deleting the content.

Had no issues until I got to this embedded miro board

When I delete it, it looks like the menu container on the left resizes to take up more space and squishes all the main content

I haven’t been able to figure out why and this didn’t happen when I deleted other existing content, including other embed elements.

Here is my read only link

and my live site

Thank you in advanced!

hi @Anna_Goss this is happening because your Services Tabs Grid has 2 cols and each takes 1fr of free space. If you would like to preserve the right section to be always bigger you should set it to a higher number eg. 2fr. More information on how fraction unit and CSS Grid works can be found on the internet.

Thank you SO MUCH Stan, for the solve and pointing me in the right direction to learn more so I can learn more about this in the future. You are a life saver.