Container not sitting right in mobile viewport

I’ve just finished designing a landing page and published it, but the content within the main container doesn’t optimise right for mobile. Can someone point me in the right direction to fix it?

Try out the published page too:


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In what way do you think it’s not optimizing right for mobile? It looks great to me.

@fatpuppy Maybe I’m just being too fussy, but ideally I’d like all of the content to display in the viewport without having to scroll down…

It’s set to 100vh so good job there. My only thought is that the logo image is just too tall and it’s pushing everything down. Is there any way you can crop that image? You can then add margin to the top and bottom to preserve that space, but in a responsive way.

Edit: actually, the image is such that I was able to set a max height for it and it still displayed properly, so you wouldn’t even have to crop.

@fatpuppy you’re a star! I really needed those fresh pair of eyes of yours… instead of setting the image size in the image settings, I configure the sizes within the class per device - don’t know why I didn’t do that from the beginning :man_facepalming: Really appreciate your help!!

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