Container full width in tablet view


How can i remove the side margins (left & right) for a container in tablet view? Like in mobile view where it is full width.

I would like it to stretch the full width of the grid (not he browser) including the margins of the grid.

Thanks in advance!




Here is the reason for the container to behave like it does:

The container widget only exists because of this reason: Keep the content centered and in the grid.

Now, the container is only a DIV with some settings you can’t change.

So you can build you own container. Start with a div, give it a class like “mycontainer”, set it up for desktop, 960px centered, then continue for tablet the way you want etc.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks, it works now!

I didn’t understand why i couldn’t change the settings of the basic container.


That’s great and I understand why you are doing it, but I need to expand the with for a client. Their width is set at 1009 and I need to match this from their already live site. Is there a way to overwrite this?

You can give the manual div block that width of 1009 px. There isn’t a possibility yet to overrule the standard grid of webflow. I read this will be a future feature.

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