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Container changing width upon click

Hey everyone, this issue has been bothering me for hours and I can’t figure it out…

I have a container that shows the contents inside upon clicking (for an FAQ section). When visiting the page, the container is visually very narrow, but spreads out to my desired width upon clicking. See the gif below for what is happening.

I’d like to figure out how to have the container be wide already without having to click. Any suggestions?

Here is the link to my site:
Read only version:

Hello @jasonsql101,

The problem is on your legacy interaction, it goes from 0px to auto when the animation is triggered, and since the width of your question container is also auto, it goes from the length of the question to the length of the answer. So I quick fix, without modifying the interaction, is to give your question container a width of about a 1000px, and modify accordingly for your other breakpoints. I did a quick video of what i mean I hope it helps.

This worked perfectly @Pablo_Cortes! Thank you so much for the help!

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Your welcome @jasonsql101, good luck with your site!