Container and Column Padding

I’ve probably not noticed this before or accommodated in some way but the last couple of projects that I’m working on, the column and container padding is a bit annoying. I understand why the columns need padding and why the containers don’t.

I have a container with heading and para text. Below I have a container and row with 4 columns. Heading and para to stay aligned to the left with the first column. If I change nothing once I hit phone-portrait size the container with the text is touching the edge of screen but the container holding the columns is 10px in due to the column padding.

However, when I add 10px padding to the first container at “desktop” size the content is then 10px to far in (past the content in the columns) the solution is to add 10px padding to the container at phone-portrait size.

Is this the expected behavior of the container/columns.

yes it annoying. I just have to design for it though.

If you need more control over the columns… you need to class them.

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