Contact page alignment

My Contact page seems to have a slightly different alighment or padding hiding somewhere (not sure where, maybe the nav bar component) compared to my other pages, which isnt a huge problem but it annoys me when I switch between pages and only the contact page’s nav bar changes. I’m really new to webflow and my build is pretty messy, but I cannot find whats causing this annoying issue. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have tried rebuilding the contact page and using new classes and names, and even rebuilding the nav bar but still seems to persist.

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hi @kerodean not sure what changes you are talking about but what I see is you are using different navs. On contact page is used (navigation) but on rest of pages is used (navigation with wave).

Hey thanks for checking it out, yeah I redid all the navs but I finally figured it out. My body section had overflow set to visible, and setting it to hidden solved the issue. I’ll keep the post up in case it helps anyone else :slight_smile:

Im sorry to say this but it is the worst thing you can do.

So if someone will read this solution please do not do that. Feel free to check this forum why.

Hey, yes I’m sorry, I take it back, hiding overflow made the mobile scroll break. I reenabled it.

And I also realised, its just that the scroll bar appears on pages with less content and reappears on pages with longer content and the scrollbar being there (or not) offsets the layout a bit which I think might change depending on the browser. So I think thats normal behaviour and no way to fix right?

hi @kerodean scrollbar has no influence on the layout and appears when content is longer than the browser’s inner height. This means when you lower the browser height, a scrollbar appears on your contact page allowing you to scroll and see the rest of the page’s content.

Each browser has a different scrollbar visual representation and you may customize this scrollbar or hide it with help of pseudo-class ::-webkit-scrollbar .