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I’m Bobby and a Webflow newb…

I have a Navbar set as a Component to use on multiple pages of my site… the Contact link in the Navbar goes to a Section of my Home page and I love how it eases to that location… the other links on the Navbar go to various pages… but other than the Home page the Contact link does not respond as I would prefer… I’ve tried some things but to no avail… I’ve checked the YT tutorial on Components but I’m not seeing reference to this issue… a little help would be greatly appreciated… thanks in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What is the interaction you intend for the contact link in pages other than the homepage?

If you use the full link e.g. instead of the default page anchor provided in link element for anchoring, when your contact link is clicked in other pages it will direct to this section.

Instead of:

Do this:

the interaction I’m intending is for the Contact link to take the visitor to the contact section on the Home page i.e. Contact (link in Navbar) > Home page Contact section…

I’ll give your advice a go and let you know if it works out… thanks!


Then the above should work as what you intended.

Note that you need to use for testing before live, and change the link to the domain you are using when the site is live.

wow! it worked… thank you so much @jiyong

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now the Home link in the Navbar on various pages is sending the visitor to the Contact-form-section on the Home page instead of the top of the page… I’m wondering if I should rethink the value of making the Navbar a component… there are going to be 5-6 pages in total to this site (at least for now) so the benefits of making it a component are negligible perhaps?

Since you did not share your read-only link, I’m not sure if I understand the issue fully.

But your problem can be easily solved using custom property for components and creating one for link so you can input different links based on component instances.

Some resources you can refer to:

I’ll get studying on the documentation

it’s acting pretty weird on my end… every time I publish the site and then go to the link for my site it loads up the bottom of the Home page right where the Contact Form is… but on the Read-only preview it loads and acts normal.

p.s. I changed the Contact link back to Go To Page Section just to see if it eliminated the the weird behavior after publishing… and it didn’t… in Read-only the Contact link from any page other than Home does nothing which was my original issue. sorry to continue on with this silliness but I feel like I should just create a separate page for Contact and be done with it… there’s always a workaround.