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Contact Forms - some things


So there are a number of small issues with the functionality of the contact form which I think could be much improved without too much work :slight_smile:

The error and success messages are fixed - we cannot add or customise what is in them further than changing/styling the text. We can’t add divs/images to the success field as far as I am aware. (this is weird because I vividly remember doing this in the interface a few years ago but can’t seem to anymore.

It is also impossible to make the form not switch - so I cant keep the form and have the success message pop up below instead, the form has to disappear.

Generally clunky workflow - basically would be nice if this aspect functioned like nav links in this respect with “current” states being replaced with “success” and “error”. Alternatively you could customise whether elements appear in success and error in a similar way to how you can do on different devices.


@cyberdave this is the followup to the “need help” post btw :smile:

Not sure about this, I just added a div and image to my success message without difficulty. What are you seeing when you try?

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Hmn @AlexN I may be doing it wrong then, I think the main thing is the ability to keep the form and for it not to disappear.