Contact Form Not Submitting; Will Not Move Past 'Waiting Text'

Hey everyone — new and desperate here, haha. I am working on a client site and we’re ready to launch but we can’t get the contact form to work!!

The contact form is hidden by default in the navbar menu, and is triggered to show when a user clicks the ‘Contact’ link in the menu. You can fill out the form and click the Submit button, but the form never moves beyond the ‘waiting text’ state. I receive no success nor error message and the form submissions are not recorded in project settings. HELP.

Issue On the Published Site:

In the Designer:

Read-Only Site Link:
Published Site Link (so you can test the form):

Anyone? Very desperate for help here.

Update: I tried putting a plain form into a plain section of the website and that form does not submit either. Not sure what’s going on but it seems to be very high level?


I have the same exact problem, did you find any solution to this?

Thank you!