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Contact form adds weird numbers

Hy I think this is a small one,

but sometimes – especially when the contact form is duplicated in a project – it automatically adds numbers in the “Name” Input in the Text field – Like: I have three contact forms on my website – but for example, the client gets the email (depending on which form the user filled out):

Contact Form

Name 5: …… ……

– Why is there a number after the “Name” added – I didn’t add this number – it automatically appeared. Seems a bit unprofessional in the E-Mail.

Thanks a lot,

P.S. It also sometimes doesn’t save the Namings of the field – I think there is something wrong when I always have to check these Input Fields 4 Times and everytime they change themselves back to something else?


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Because your form fields are supposed to have different id’s and names. Same names and id’s will cause errors and issues with your form functioning.

Not sure what’s with saving the names tbh. What do they change into?

@dram I totally get you that this makes sense from a programmers point of view. But i think first – it’s not supposed to change randomly and second – it also is a weird issue if the client gets an e-mail with all the necessary info variables that have numbers at the end like:

Phone Number 7:
E-Mail 3:
Name 2:
Last Name 6:

Instead of

Phone Number:
Last Name:

Anybody get’s what I mean?

I am not sure about the “randomly” part you mentioned, I think the field titles are just getting numbers added to them to avoid duplicates. Of course you are supposed to go through them and change the names to something to your liking but different from each other though.

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