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Construction/Industrial Site

Wrapping up this site for a facility maintenance and construction company, and would love to get some feedback and thoughts from the community.

FM+C of Michigan


Usually I am afraid to look at construction site websites. They can be the worst of the worst if websites. But I really liked this one. Great job. Very clean and simple. Wow! Although a mistake I noticed on mobile.

Thanks! Good catch, looks like I just still had a layer hidden on mobile views.

Wow! LOVE this design!! Great job!!

Two notes:

  1. The Constructive and Consultative sections are bizarrely named (Perhaps Construction Services / Consultation Services or even Construction / Consultation would be much more understandable)

  2. Those two subpages are completely hidden unless someone triggers the menu. You can test and confirm that most users will not even see those sections with user flow on Google Analytics, but you can save the headache by adding buttons on the hero and/or Philosophy/Clients sections.

Edit: 3. You have maintenance, construction, and strategic facility planning listed in your about blurb, though the only two subpages are for construction and consultations. Text links to subpages for each of those services would dramatically help funnel users through an informative process that would give them relevant info about the business.

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@McGuire thanks for the feedback! The “Constructive” and “Consultative” sections were so named because of the client’s request. This is the way he discusses his process with his own clients - Constructive meaning everything having to do with construction and the processes surrounding it, and likewise with Consultative. However, this is something we may elect to change, and I appreciate the feedback.

I’ve thought about working in some buttons in the hero section or in the subsections to direct traffic to those pages, and that’s a good suggestion. Perhaps I’ll reword some of the text in the hero section to be less confusing unless the client wants to add separate pages for maintenance and planning.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback!

My pleasure. Keep us updated! :sunglasses:

Also! You might want to share the Ngram usage of the two words (consultative / constructive) which show us that the two words the client chose are not widely used. Using adjectives as page/section names is really, really uncommon and confusing.