Consistent Responsive Scaling [Full Screen]

Hi all,

I’ve got myself into a bit of a pickle here.

Having created a couple websites off the back of some very well prepared templates, I decided to take the dive and work on my new Portfolio site from scratch. Perhaps too soon.

Unfortunately, I’ve hit somewhat of a brick wall with regards to the responsivity and the way elements don’t scale but simply overlap on smaller devices.
I think that I’ve manufactured some coding conflicts along the way which have caused this issue. At this point I feel like I’ve exhausted my knowledge of these features, having tried various combinations of relative, absolute and sticky positioning.

I’ve put alot of time into this site thus far and don’t wish to start from scratch, but it may be the best way forward - I’m not sure. I’ve been experimenting as I go, trying to gleam as much knowledge as possible from actually ‘doing’ - but as I say… this has led to the backend being inconsistent and messy. I’d like to hear an outside view on this if possible?

TL;DR If anyone could take a look at help me understand the conflicts/inconsistencies responsive I may have created along the way I’d very much appreciate it.

Failing that, it’ll be back to the drawing board for me.

Thanks for your time,

Here is my site Read-Only: []

Hello, is there a reason that you’ve built the work page as sliders stacked on top of each other? I think that’s what is making it hard to work with the responsive. I would also suggest that you invest the time in learning how to work with CMS collections this will pay off in the long run and it’s not so complicated. Webflow tutorials are more than enough to get started on there. It will save so much time as you’ll have to build everything only once then add products easily.