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Considering producing a case study 10+ years in the making

I currently am doing SEO/SEM for two companies in vastly different categories (one targets mostly businesses, the other exclusively individual consumers), and I was digging through their stats today over the past 10 years and I noticed some interesting things technology-wise. It won’t come as any surprise that mobile is on the rise, but with two COMPLETELY different advertising strategies and potential audiences, I’ve noticed that there is a very large divergence in the technology used by the visitors to each site.

Would anyone be interested in reading a more detailed breakdown of a decade of traffic including things like screen resolutions, browsers, mobile/tablet/desktop comparisons, etc.? I figure it may be a useful exercise for myself to go through just from an SEO practicing standpoint, but there could be a swath of very pertinent info in there for future considerations in the design process of not only these two sites, but the two audiences and advertising streams they target and utilize.

If there’s some interest, I’ll get to work on it over the next couple days. If not, I’ll just compile it for myself.

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Yes! This sounds fascinating! Would love to dig in.

Sound great, please let me know would be very interested, thank you

Oh yeah! Absolutely.