Connection to external database via call to a web service

Hello, i have a question for you all: My client wants to create a login that sends informations to a database that verifies if the client is actually paying monthly for the service. All this will happen with a call to a webservice.

Is this possible to do on webflow? If yes how?

Thank you!

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Hi @Yoby81 welcome to the forum!

If i’m understanding you correctly then you can do this with Webflow Memberships. It’s in Beta but works really well and you can get access within the week by signing up here: Create a Membership website | Webflow

If you need more advanced features you can bolt on memberships though Memberstack. I’ve used it a lot and it’s a solid solution.

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Perhaps I’m biased, but I would definitely recommend Memberstack. If your client is using stripe for their subscriptions currently, it will be even easier!

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