Connecting webflow user account and Razorpay using Webflow logic

We have site where we’ll have magazines as our products in both digital and print with three subscription plans as hindi, English & Marathi the user flow that we want is: The user select one subscription plan from above three pay through razorpay and then redirected to login or signup page
with that they get the access to the content they subscribed

I was trying to achieve that with webflow user account connecting
that with razorpay, so is it possible to have the above flow
with user account or by using webflow logic

Would appreciate your help on this, thanks!

Welcome @Shilpa_Tawania

You have a lot going on here.

It sounds like you want to integrate a 3rd party, unsupported payment processor with Webflow Memberships and trying to glue that together using Webflow Logic. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Supported payment processors with Webflow Memberships happen when you use it in combination with their e-commerce solution. Otherwise you’re on your own.

You can accept payments from a 3rd party and then through the Webflow API trigger a Memberships invitation. But that’s about it.

You could also do that through Webflow Logic, but you’ll have an easier time doing it with something like Make (Integromat) as they have a lot of pre-canned integrations for you (Webflow Logic does not).

Hope that helps!