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Connecting webflow site to existing domain while keeping ftp access

Hi all,
I’d like to get your help please, and I apologize if this topic was answered before.

Is there any way to connect my webflow site ( to my domain ( while still have ftp access to the other subfloders? is there any way around it?

Thanks to all,

Hi. Always a way :slight_smile:

You’re mixing two things I suppose: your sever and your domain name.

Apparently, you have a server on which your domain name is linked. Your server is basically a computer and you acces its hard-drive. Your old site must have been hosted in the “www/” directory, if you can access the root of your server, you should be able to see it.

To keep an ftp access to your server to upload files, you have 2 methods.

Method 1: do nothing. Yes, your server has an IP address and that’s all you need. Replace the domain by the IP and it “may” work. It’s not going to work if your server is a virtual server or if there’s more than one domain linked to it.

Method 2 : at your registrar, setup a sub domain to access your ftp. For example, set a to point to your old server, and to Webflow.

You may need the help of a server admin to perform some of these tasks.

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