Connecting Webflow and Shopify with Udesly, Git and ThemeKit

Heads up if anyone runs into this, disable translations via the Udesly adapter. While Shopify gives unlimited translations to local/marketplace themes, custom themes are capped at 3k. :raised_hands:

Hey guys, thank you for making this thread!

So I’ve been trying to implement the theme kit and git method but I am having a few errors in my terminal space. Any time I do the cd (themkit folder) then put the api password and store name it gives me an error message - “zsh: command not found: $”.

So I actually ended up finding this application that does a similar thing without having to do the git and terminal method. It’s called and I am guessing does the exact same thing as that method but in an easier way to set up for people like me who are not great with coding or are having problems with it.

Would like to know what you think to this? The only downside of course is that you have to pay a monthly fee for the service. I design and develop about 5-8 stores a month so I’d need the premium plan which is $50 a month. But a lot cheaper if you only need one store.

Hope this helps and if anyone has any ideas as to why terminal is saying that, that would be great to know haha

Thank you.

Hey Alex, I’ve been meaning to update this post.

The update to Shopify ThemeKit now does incremental upload using the deploy command. This complete eliminates the need for Git.

The steps are:

  1. Edit in Webflow
  2. Export code
  3. Use Udesly Adapter to convert to Shopify theme
  4. Make any changes you need to make to the theme using search/replace.
  5. Upload the theme changes with Themekit deploy command.

Here’s our updated and radically simplified script that does the whole thing.




This is phenomenal. Have you ever considered recording a brief video of your screen that shows this process? I’m hoping to implement something like this in the next few months.



Thank you so much, i was looking for this! Just found out shopify wipes all my clients data after updating the theme. Website is almost finished and now we run into this annoyance.

I did everything, but i am stuck on how to let the theme watch work. It says it can’t find a config file. (Unvalid environment)


I think it was because I had no idea what I was doing while doing all the steps. I hope I have the energy to do it tomorrow. Any tips are welcome

Hi everyone, i found a good solution. in the config folder of your shopify source code, you can find .json config files. copy the content and add it to youw new sites json file, or replace it if yiu didnt add extra fields of option:text elements etc.

both the apple script and windows route didnt work for me, WAY TOO COMPLEX! Hope it helps.

Hey Nigel,

This is awesome! The one thing I’m having trouble with is the search and replace portion in your instructions above. Is that a command that I need to run? If so do you know how I can do that?

Thanks so much,

Hi Nigel,

Thanks so much for this thread, you’ve crushed it.

Was wondering how and if you use Shopify Cli to add & update?

Like get the Udsely file, theme push, then – shopify theme serve for a local dev environment?

Would you recommend just using git?

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Hey Nigel, has anyone tried doing the same Apple script process in Powershell for Windows users?