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Connecting to my own CMS (API)?

Hi @Erwin

I haven’t gone through the entire thread. But I was having a similar requirement from the client and created a quick sample.

Here’s the link to it:

I hope it will help.

Cheers & happy designing!


Hey :wave:t4:

Can I use a version of this JavaScript to grab a video url from json to a cms field every time a video is uploaded somewhere?

I’m trying to display an uploaded video in a gallery on a web page.

Here is the site in its current state.


Hi @PiXL3, it seems like you have sorted this out. Let me know if there’s still anything. I would try my best to help.

Hi @gautamlakum

I used Zapier to help bring the data (url) back to a live item.

Is there a way to do it without Zapier?


@PiXL3 To fetch data from any server to any app (web or mobile), we need an API. I think you have done the same using Zapier. I would say it’s a good solution.

If you don’t want to use Zapier, you will need to create an API using any server-side programming language like PHP or Python.

Javascript is only used to call that API. That’s what I have done in my sample.

I hope this helps. Let me know if have any questions.


Hello sir, sorry to bother you.

I am having trouble with API image URLs not showing on the published website, would you mind taking a look at my problem? Image upload to zapier to CMS

Hey @gautamlakum

Thanks. What do I need to research, learn to remove dependency on Zapier?

Can I use any of the AWS services?
I’ll also need to write a live item into the cms.


@PiXL3 You can use any server-side programming language (PHP, Python, RoR) to create your own API. Host it on a server, and use it with your Webflow project.

I haven’t explored all AWS services. But I used Amazon API Gateway once.

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Thanks @gautamlakum

Will take a look.

I think you are looking for a proxy that will connect your webflow CMS & secure keys.

Check this out

I don’t think necrobumping threads to post your site is good form.

Just giving suggestions. That’s all. Not spamming unrelated links.

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