Connecting to a www custom domain and help with 301 redirects

I finished the design of a new site and asked the domain company to follow your instructions. The site is live here:
But when I searched for it on Google it turns to a 404 page:
I also get the same here:
What did I miss?

Please reply ASAP, since the site is already live.
Thank you, Asaf

Hi @LupoAsaf it looks like you’re missing the root domain from your Custom Domain settings.

Be sure to include this as a custom domain as well:

Then re-publish your site again to your custom domain and the issue should be resolved as you already have the 301 re-direct setup.

You can also set a default domain for your site:


Thank you for the quick response. This was very important for me.
One more thing, @Waldo. I have replaced an old site with my new Webflow design. Google search results still shows old subfolder that no longer exists, and they are in Hebrew. e.g.נחלזרד
Is there any way to redirect these old links? Webflow doesn’t let me use %.

Hi @LupoAsaf I’m happy to help! :slight_smile:

Actually that error in your screenshot looks to be appearing due to the full old path being inserted (including the custom domain), when it should just start out with a / such as if you had to re-direct a link like your about page.

Old Path value: /about
Redirect to Page value: /about-us

I haven’t created a redirect for a Hebrew pathname so I may need to reach out and see if anything special needs to be done there or if you can just re-direct your Old path name of:
/%D7%A0%D7%97%D7%9C%D7%96%D7%A8%D7%931 to a different page.

Hi @LupoAsaf, for special characters like %, you will need to escape those, with a %.

So, given the original url path:


This would be escaped as:


and result in:

You can of course redirect to any page you want.

Now, lets say you want to redirect All pages that start with %. You can do this easily in Webflow, by adding the OLD PATH redirect:


pointed at your new path page.

Try that, I hope this helps!

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Excellent! Thanks a lot, Lupo