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Connecting API data to elements in Webflow

Deleted due to question being answered

You shared an endpoint that appears to disclose personal information about people (race , phone, email, etc.) I edited the endpoint URI to obfuscate it, just in case.

You should probably go back to your developer and ask him/her/them/they/ to explain to you how it should be implemented, letting them know that you can’t read the code or interpret the comments.

The code only needs a CORS policy on the server that lets you access it and an element in the page with an ID of “admins-container”. It appends the fetched values to that element (cards).

You can always hire a front-end dev.

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@Joseph_Semrai - Please don’t delete a topic just because it is solved. Instead mark it as solved. Deleting a topic initial post ends up with orphaned answers.