Connecting a Multi Image Field to a static page's BG image

I’ve been fiddling with things trying to do this for an hour. I figured it would be easy since it seems logical. Finally, I stumbled over to the Forum to find a thread from three years ago alluding to the functionality to connect multi image fields to static page collection lists being in the works.

The post is from 2019. It was marked resolved but it doesn’t look like this functionality was every added? Having Trouble Implementing CMS Multi-Image Field

It appears this functionality is still only available when working with the collection template pages.

My current use case: I’m building a portfolio of projects from various employers, roles, industries, and proficiencies. To keep things fresh without creating a confusing UI I’ve set up a dynamic home page that will display different posts from each collection, each visit, for each category or collection. Currently I’m just pulling a collection image through as the BG image for a div box.

Ideally the BG image would pull from that collection entry’s multi image field, adding to the dynamic functionality. The user could be viewing a tile image link to the exact same page they saw yesterday, but not recognize it thanks to the BG image cycling through a batch of images uploaded to that collection entry.

I’m bringing this functionality up again because I have been mapping out a website design for a interior design influencer. We want the UX to be more like a look book or catalog that slowly leads you to ways to “recreate the look” via DIY content from her TikTok or from affiliate links. Think IKEA! We are intentionally avoiding a standard, simple filtering you’d use on a site like Target or Amazon because our users are exploring for ideas and not searching specifically for a DIY project or rugs or furniture, etc.

I was hoping that I’d be a pro by using a similar UI for my own portfolio web design. But it appears there isn’t much of a workaround either?


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Designing Emotion in Art, Product, and Business | August House LLC

Hey Sean, this is a great idea.
Honestly I’ve never thought of using the multi-image field for that purpose, but I quite like that.

I’ve decided to directly add that capability into Sygnal Attributes,

You can see a demonstration here;

And here’s the cloneable;

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I’m so excited to try this. Thank you! I’m still a little green with Webflow: These are the first two sites I’ll be working on for life in the wild. But I’ve been mapping UI/UX somewhat naturally and built two or three “practice” (found a new website purpose or interest) sites. This time finally lots of “ah ha!” moments — or tbh frequently yelling “wtf I don’t understand why the tool works like that, it makes no logical sense!” Hopefully I’ll finish both sites without needing to remove my lofty goals of cutting edge (and emotionally intelligent) tech functionality like these hyper-dynamic UI plans before we launch / I get into desperate job hunting.

Conceptually related tangent — I keep thinking of that old browser app “Stumble Upon” where one button was clicked and you just got different but interesting and random websites.