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Connecting a link block to a section on a page

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been doing webflow university’s 21 day portfolio and I’m having trouble connecting one of the links in my nav bar to a page section.

I have assigned the section an ID and used `/#(ID) to try to link to that section but it isn’t working at all. My site is unpublished but it won’t even work in a preview! I’ve scoured the forum and tried everything from putting the navigation into a div block to using a different section ID. I can’t seem to get it to work!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Link:

Hey @Mikaela_Sand welcome to the forum and awesome your doing the 21 Day Portfolio!

Sounds like you are using an external link type for your anchor links. This is great if your anchor link is on a different page, however it will not work in the preview because it is being viewed as an external link.

If the link is on the same page as the section change your link type to section and select it from the dropdown. That should work in the preview. :+1:

I feel so dumb. The external URL way totally works when the site is published, just not in preview mode. But thank you for your help!!

No worries! :grin:

Glad you got it sorted.

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