Connect Webflow membership to my CMS (hubspot)

Hi everyone,
I’m currently building a website for one of my clients, and I’m trying to use the membership feature with hubspot. So, basically every time my user changes something in their webflow account, it needs to update the same data in hubspot.
I was planning to use Airtable as the middleman (because I have other apps to synch in hubspot as well).

Thing is, when I try to connect webflow to airtable or hubspot via no code integrations like make/integromat or zappier, the issue is: on those platforms I only have access to CMS collections, eCommerce, and form submissions. After trying form submission and CMS collection as triggers, I noticed that they do not work for the membership collection or forms.

I’ve seen in Webflow documentation mentions of membership users API but I cannot find anything concrete about it.

I also heard that webflow logic could be a solution, but it’s in limited access beta.

Do you have any idea how I can make this connection work?


Here is my public share link: Webflow - LI complet

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Turns out it’s really simple.

Webflow provides two Webhooks for you to use.

User account added, and user account updated.

I also have both of these Webhook triggers baked into my tool, the Webflow Webhook Creator to make it easy for you to setup:

I’d suggest skipping Airtable in your workflow.

Just setup a Webflow Webhook that sends the triggered message into Make (Integromat) where you can then connect to your Hubspot account.

If you need a quick refresher, I have a walk through on how to set up Webflow Webhooks that may be helpful.

It should be fairly straightforward but drop questions here if you have them.

Hope that helps!

Hey @Marin_Collignon!

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Using Airtable Automations would certainly be the best (and more affordable) option, particularly since it will allow you to have Airtable be your single source of truth.

What you can do is:

  • Use our free tool here, which will allow you to securely connect your Webflow account and import your sites to the tool.
  • Configure an Airtable automation using the Incoming Webhook trigger option. You will get a randomized Airtable webhook URL that you will then add to the Destination URL field of our tool.
  • Finally, for the trigger type - you can choose either New User Added or User Account Updated. Based on your use-case here, you will need the latter option. This way, each time a user updates their account, you can trigger your Airtable automation which will update the users’ corresponding Airtable record. In case you didn’t see it already, Airtable also has some great documentation here for integrating with Hubspot.

Let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help.