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Connect via REST API

Hi, guys,

So I have a question - is there any possible way to connect Webflow via REST API to any other tool - Lytics in my case? Basically, I need to push data back to Webflow from Lytics to do customization for my users of the website. And Webflow is not allowing me to do so, cuz like there is no access to server. There is Lytics API doc

I will appreciate any help/work-around anything. :0


Hey @Veronika_Dominikova

I would recommend looking at integromat or zapier.

You can build a work flow to allow your api to communicate with the Webflow api and perform changes to the CMS as needed.



@Veronika_Dominikova - Webflow does have a CMS API:

As @Drew_Schafer said depending on your development background accessing it via another service like Zapier might be the route to go.

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