Connect two dynamic contents with anchor links

Hi team,

I have issues with an anchor to link two dynamic lists. I have a left panel with dropdown (1st collection list) and on the right a list of “solutions” (2nd collection list).
What I want to do is to be able to click on an item from the left panel that will redirect directly on a “solution” from the right side (to avoid to scroll forever to find something). However, because of the dynamic content, I have no clue if it’s possible to create an anchor for this specific situation.

  • attached a screenshot that might help to communicate my issue.

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support

Here is my public share link:

The section can be found in CMS “Categories Template” and on the Item “01". Watch out it might be a bit slow due to the CMS.

Hey Clément! Welcome!

You did change quite a lot on your current preview, there’s just one category left now!

What’s the intended behavior, if clicked on a category (left panel) will a new page be loaded or just a portion on the site?

Generally – You can cross-link a collection with another and should be able to share the URL of the solution with the category and assign that link…

Hey RDaneel! Thanks for your reply!

I didn’t update anything on my preview. You need to go to the CMS Collection Page called “Categories Template” and select the item “01” to be able to view as per my screenshot :slight_smile:

To summarize the intended behaviour: on the left panel, there is a dropdown menu (made of subcategory and solutions) and on the right all the solutions with their content. What I want is to be able to “anchor” when you click on a solution from the left panel to redirect you straight away to the correct solution on the right (position on the page).

I already used the multi-reference to cross-link two CMS together. Unfortunately, Webflow allows only one nested collection per page so I cannot do this anymore. :confused:

Thanks for your support again