Connect the products to category pages

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with category pages. I added many products according to their categories on CMS. But when I direct to category pages, I always see the same products in each category pages. You can find the screens. How can I handle it?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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We can’t troubleshoot much without your read-only link but I think your problem lies with the first filter in your screenshot ‘Product Category is Deleted Item’. See if you can update the filter to be Product Category Contains Current Category.


I can’t do this way. I have two categories which are Business Plan and Data Analysis. But whenever I filter the related products on a category page, other category page is effected due to this changing and same products are shown on each category pages.

I also added screens.

I’m pretty sure that since these are collection pages you should have the Contains Current Product Category option as a filter.

If you share your read-only link I could see if that’s true but as it is I’m limited in what I can suggest.