Connect/Link cms collection to exported webflow code

I want to export the code of the website I designed in Webflow and also export the CMS Collections. Is there a way I can connect the CMS collections created into Webflow to the html code?


You cannot. You would be able to export the whole CMS Site with something like which I have created for people to help them.

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Thanks for this.

I’ve started using this, I connected my webflow project and github to your app, but I’m stack. I’m not sure if this is now working or not.

Is there a guide on how to use this tool or something?

Thank you!

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Hey, you just have to signup for vercel or netlify to see your site. There is an small file in your Repository tells your further instructions. If you stuck, come to Stacket Discord Server and we will help you it’s dead easy! :slight_smile: