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Connect database with Webflow using Caspio platform


I just wanted to share this with you (if you haven’t seen this yet). Caspio is a platform to build databases without coding and attach them to forms, calendars, charts and more.
Check out this video where a contact form element is connected to a database of contacts. It’s a tutorial that explicitly shows how to integrate it into Webflow:


Wow! This could be a game changer.

@StevenP Have you built anything with this yet??

@StevenP Wow this is amazing, this could really push webflow to the next level, cannot wait to have a play next week

Yes, it seems to be a cool thing! Haven’t played with it yet, because I discovered it yesterday and I need to finish up a few projects before I can sit down and play with it.

Let’s not get too excited here.

Quote: “Compare our pricing with developer hourly rates.

Meaning: pay 80 dollars a month for a database tool.
Sure you can do everything with a drag and drop interface. But in the end it’s still an iframe.