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Connect CMS to Page


I am looking for some help on connecting the headings and paragraphs on my Recipe Post Template page to my CMS Recipe Posts information. When I click “get text from Recipe Posts”, the correct fields do not show up; I need the Recipe History, Ingredient, Directions, & Notes to get connected to the text but these options do not show up.

In addition, I need the “Jump to Recipe” button to lead to the “Recipe” section of the page. This section does not come up as an option when trying to connect the button to a page section.

Here is my site Read-Only:

When you create a field of type rich text only rich text elements can be bound to it. So if you are using RTF’s the headings would be inside the RTF’s content.

Awesome Jeff! Thank you so much for your help. I got all of the text I needed connected using the rich text element you suggested.

Do you have any suggestions about the “Jump to Recipe” button? Below is an image of what I am seeing. I need the button to jump to where the “Recipe” section starts, but that isn’t an option.

Give the heading (bound to name) an ID, then link the button to that new section link.

Thank you for your help, Jeff! It is all fixed.