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Connect buttons


I have a CMS item that is shown as an article, and also as a thumbnail on my homepage. On both the article and the thumbnail there is an “add to calendar” button that I want to change color when it’s been clicked.

Is there a way to conntect/link both of these buttons so when one is being clicked the other one is also being affected (changing color)?

I know how to make the animation, but I don’t know how to connect the buttons. The original button color comes from CMS BG-color from article/category.

I’ve added a link to a basic test-site that has two different divs just to show the idea, I’m not done with the website I’m describing :slight_smile:

Any ideas? Thanks!

Here is my public share link:

@vwis If both button have the same class name:

– go to your interaction and switch to “Class”


Thanks Matthias! The buttons do have the same class, but they are connected to different CMS items.

I would explain it as a like button. If you press the like button on the article-button, the button on the thumbnail should also show that you have already liked that article.

I’m thinking the buttons need to be connected by some kind of CMS ID or something. Maybe I need some custom code?