Confusion with domain configuration to find my Webflow site

I am confused. I’ve had my site, for 30 years, and just today, I launched a temporary new site with Webflow hosting. My domain registrar is namecheap, and I’ve completed all the settings there, as required by Webflow, and Webflow says that and are connected. I have the default site set at, NOT

For some reason (and yes, I have cleared cache) intermittently I’m finding that there is a “browser cannot find” alert. Safari seems to be the most problematic, not Chrome. What should my default site be – or just And what about https://…? Please help, or point me somewhere where I can understand this concept and see specifically what I’ve done wrong. Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Notovitz Communications

Which one??? This is why I am so confused.

[1]: or
[2]: or
[3]: or
[4]: or
[5]: or

your site is working for me