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Confusing behavior when uploading duplicate image

I noticed something really odd, if you have a CMS with an image field, and upload an image into one record (like a blog post, in our case), publish that blog post, then create a new blog post and upload the SAME image, I noticed that the FIRST post is marked as “unpublished” in the CMS editor.

This does NOT happen in the designer when creating a new blog post. If I create a new post and upload an identical image previously used in old posts in designer mode, only THAT new post is marked as unpublished. I then pop over to editor mode, there is only one unpublished post. If I stay in editor mode and modify the new post by simply re-uploading the same image, suddenly all posts that use that same image in editor mode are marked as unpublished.

The net effect is not an actual problem, since it is an identical image, BUT it was very confusing and frightening to see dozens of old posts, in our case, suddenly show up as modified when making a new post with no idea what in the world magically changed in all those posts!

Can someone else confirm this is happening? Smells like a bug to me. Especially since it works just fine in Designer mode when adding a CMS record. It’s an editor mode bug.

Renaming the image before uploading makes no difference. Webflow (or the CDN?) is obviously doing a binary file comparison with the new upload, probably in an attempt to be clever and efficient on storage, matching it up to a bunch of old identical image files, and replacing the pointer to the old images across all old blog posts that reference that image with a pointer to the newly uploaded image, which flags them as changed and unpublished.