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Confused by CMS and dynamic embed

I’m a bit confused by the new features combining CMS and dynamic embed. Does it only work with widgets or could you just create IDs in the collections and it grabs all the images from a third party site? It seems like you still have to manually add thumbnails and descriptions. Maybe I’m missing something?

Example of what I envisage. Using eventbrite events where I’ve already put the description, image, dates, etc. up on their site and Webflow just pulling that info from their api and loading it into my well designed sections. Seems counter productive to enter that information twice.

Is this just a dream? Or is this reality?


The basic principle is that you can alter embed code for each record (post) of your database (collection).

For example, among all the code you need to embed an eventbrite event, there is that:


All the rest of the code is for the look of the widget. The images the widget will display depends on the event, so depends on the ID.

The principle in webflow is you’re going to add a field to your “event” collection : ID, where you’re going to put, for each event, its ID (525415454) for our example.

In your duynamic list, add a custom code widget, paste the embed code, select the ID and click on add field and select the collection and Event ID. You get something like this:

Now every item of the list get the commin code + the right ID, hence displaying each a different event.

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Thanks Vincent. I kind of get that process but could it just bring in an image thumbnail from that ID and not the rest of the widget? Kind of like pull all parts of the widget (description, image, date) apart and not use the look of the widget? Does it depend on the sites widget what can be sent in? It’s like the shopify version. They still had to add a thumbnail image but why would it not just grab it from the shopify site?

You can add another image firld to your collection template, and put the image in.


Add a text field, put in the URL of the image, then make the image appear in HTML in the widget box and ass the URL as a variable as we did above with the ID.

Oh awesome. I’ll try that out. Will that work for the description as well?

Of course. For anything you can add as a text, link, piece of code, variable, media.

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