Confused about Zapier field: "Item"

Hi, I’m confused about what is supposed to be inputted in “Item” field in Zapier? Does anyone know?

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to update an item, you’ll need a reference to the item. You might need to create an intermediate zapier “search” step to find/select the correct item to update.

I thought that but there is no Webflow “Search” on Zapier, it’s all actions.

Yeah it would cool if we could get a bit off an update on how this is supposed to work from the team :slight_smile:


Same issue, cannot setup the integration because the “Item” field is required and I have no clue what data is requested. I have a recid, but that does not solve it. Has anyone else figured this out?

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The recid should do this, no?

When you make a zap to Create Live Item the item _id will be generated once the recorded has been created in webflow.

You must store the item _id as it is required when creating the Update Live Item zap.

You can add a step in your Create Live Item zap to update your Airtable record with the item _id. Simply create a field in your Airtable to hold this value. You can then use the item _id when you create the Update Live Item zap.

Step 1 Trigger) Airtable - New Record
Step 2 Action ) Webflow - Create Live Item
Step 3 Action ) Airtable - Update Record


This issue is that the record id is only revealed when the record is created by a zap. I think what I have found is that webflow really needs a search zap action for situations where the item is is not known which is when records are not created in other apps and zaps in the first place. :exploding_head::+1:


From the first screen shot I can see an Airtable Create Record action. My assumption being if a record is being added or edited using Airtable you don’t need to search for the id as you already have it from the Create Item zap?

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This now exists by the way! When you “Create Item” send it to Airtable or some other CRM and be sure to create an Item ID column, so you can store it there.

This now works. But you will only be able to get the Item ID when the item is created, so for older entries you might need to use Postman or something.