Confused about pricing

I don’t understand Webflow’s pricing.
I am on the Personal plan and have been paying $5 a month for all the sites I have done so far, but on my latest site I have used a collection and now I am told I have to pay double.
Does this mean if you want a collection on your site you have to pay $10/month? I am not allowing anyone else to update the site, I simply thought a collection would save me time.
Have I got this wrong? Does CMS mean ‘collection’ in your eyes?

Collections are CMS (content management system) these are databases. The pricing is outlined here


I’ve always agreed with wiki’s definition of a CMS: “A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining content from a central interface”

I thought Webflow’s system did just that; allowed outside users (ie clients usually) to update the website. Perhaps I’m being naive but too me that has nothing to do with whether you employ a database or not.

I totally agree with Aidz comments: “CMS should be free until Content Editors are added”

I am now going to have to reverse all the work I have done so far to avoid the extra charge.

The collection I believe is a database and it’s about storage and access. You could techinally have a CMS without a database with data stored in a simple file system but I don’t think it would be as powerful and might not give you the option to have relational data. The database is going to require more storage and resources.

@Hywel it’s unfortunate that you will have to redo your site. The CMS does allow outside users to modify content you just have to pay, if you look at the pricing, documentation or the Webflow site…it’s pretty clear that the collections are part of the CMS and that there would be a charge.

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