Confused about Paid Plan

Hello, thanks for reading.
I built my page and wanna upgrade to paid plan.

What I want

  • wanna use CMS collection items more than 50 but not over 2,000
  • wanna use google adsense (Maybe needs custom code)
  • wanna import my CSV every day with google sheet(or airtable) to change my collection.
    but it seems like webflow did not support, So I’m gonna study Zapier.
    I studied little but it seems like not working at basic plan. (I got problem at ID)
  • wanna make filter on my collection list. maybe I’ll use Mixitup3
    And it seems like it will need custom code.

I checked CMS plans but it seems this plans does not support google adsense(custom code)
And Lite plan supports google adsense but it offer only 50 collection like basic, right?

What is the right plan for me?
Is it possible to subscribe 2 plans at once?(CMS with Lite)

Or should I upgrade to lite plan than find something extenal CMS?
But the reason why I choose Webflow is convenient of using CMS.
Because when I put image link at CSV, Webflow change it to image file then save it my collection.
Is there another CMS like Webflow?

Sorry for a lot of question,
Please, let me know the right way.
Thank you.

The CMS Plan will support any custom code (thus supporting AdSense) you input. If you need the CMS for something like MixItUp then I would certainly go with that plan.

If you wish to push changes to your site daily, I’d use Zapier + Google Sheets. Map the fields to specific CMS fields. Then schedule the Zap to trigger daily at a specific time!