Confuse about the upcoming "Workspace" 😵‍💫

I know Workspace is coming, but I am quite confused about it.

My agency built websites for multiple clients, and we have multiple staff who need access to “Designer”.

Currently, without Workspace, we have to keep the sites with us so that we can handle hosting and access to Designer. (Clients are usually not quite happy about this, as they do not actually “own” their website and they cannot use “Designer”.)

We want to improve this situation!

But with Workspace, it looks like I still cannot add a seat for a client, that this seat will only access a specific folder or specific sites.

Does it mean that I have to build a website with my agency’s own Webflow account ($49/m/seat GROWTH Workspace)… and when it is ready, I transfer it to my client’s Workspace, which my client has to pay $19/m x 2 seats CORE Workspace plan + at least $16/m Hosting fee, so that they can include one of us to continue to build their website???

To be honest, no code is usually not attractive to clients when they have to hire an agency to develop a website for them anyway, but explicit costs are barriers.

As transferring hosted sites will cause quite a long downtime @@ (ah…) We really have to plan ahead.

So, what is the best practice? Any advice?

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That’s what I understand is the path forward. @matthewpmunger - care to comment?

The client can just have a free Starter workspace to receive the site and then pay for site hosting. Upgrading to a Core workspace and seats are only necessary if the client wants to add you to their workspace for ongoing maintenance or design work.

From the announcement about Workspaces, this is an upcoming feature

  • Per-site Designer access. Invite clients, contractors, and teammates to work in the Designer on one or several sites without giving them access to everything in your Workspace.

But for now, you’d need a seat on the Client’s workspace until per-site access is released.

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I see. Looking forward to the release of this feature soon!

The current Workspace does not help much but raises the burden on both our agency and the clients, and most importantly causes cost uncertainty to the clients.


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