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Conflict Between Typeform & CMS-Driven Symbols?

Hello Everyone, I’m having an odd issue and wanted to see if anyone else has run into this, or knows of a solution.

When we try to display a Typeform embed on the same page as our FAQ (a CMS-driven symbol), the embed no longer displays.

Here’s a live example of it not working: Apply Now TEST

Read-only link of it not working: Webflow - Prehired

But, when we remove the FAQ from the page without changing anything else, the embed works again:

Here’s a live link of it working: Apply to Prehired | Learn Science-Based Sales®

And a read-only link of it working: Webflow - Prehired

Does anyone know why this is / how to solve it? The two could co-exist on the page with each functioning well till yesterday.

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