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Conflict between on-hover and on-click animations

Hi there. I’m totally stuck with this thing :sweat_smile:

I made 2 animations:

  1. First sets hover effect (hide/show green border and hide/show green bullet on hover).
  2. Second animation (on-press) does the same but only once (just sets green border and show right bullet) and also it shows/hides screen mockups.

All I want to do is when I just hover out from PRESSED element it wouldn’t play hover-out animation and green-border and a bullet stay there until I press another element.

It looks like this is impossible because I have 2 different animations and I can’t set “animation on-hover” only for non-pressed elements, right? Or not?

Here is my public share link:

Hey :grin:
Just seen your topic, sorry no one had a look!
Your read only seems broken, can you provide it again?

Yes, thank you.

I already solved it – I was forced to keep only 1 type of animation.

But just in case here is the link

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