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[CONFIRMED] Fixed Background Image in Section... becoming unfixed

If you drop a SECTION onto the form…
add a FIXED IMAGE to the background
then add a transition to the SECTION

INIT: opacity 50%
SCROLL-IN: opacity 100% - 750 ms Ease In Out
SCROLL-OUT: opacity 50% - 750 ms Ease In Out

SECTION will fade-in as expected.

Shortly before the SECTION goes off the page… the SECTION starts to scroll off the screen.

What’s the difference between “goes off the page” and “scroll off the screen”?

it’s the same.

The image is fixed - not the section. Originally I said section… have since updated the post.

Shortly before the section scroll scrolls off the page - with a fixed image in the section…
the image becomes unfixed… and begins to scroll.

I have found 3 other (5 total) transition issues this morning. Have reported 2 of them.

You may have witnessed something due to your existing code. “Found bugs” is another thing.

When facing a possible bug, create a new site, new page and make the bug reproduce in it (like I did with the “row bug”). With the simplest elements. If it doesn’t reproduce, it’s because the reason is elsewhere.

On this particular issue, I notice that there’s a momentum when the fading starts or stops, and during this momentum, the image is scrolled. Once the momentum passed, the image takes its place back.

you just confirmed it. The fact that the fixed element moved… means it became unfixed.

It did - re-fix itself. But it did become unfixed… “ain’t suppose to do that”.

This has been confirmed by Tech Support as a bug.

It’s now in their queue to fix.