Confirm I have set up my email correctly

This is the one area that is a little technical for me in that the directions on the right side say to include <> fields on the left side and I just want to make sure I have laid out my categories correctly. If someone wouldn’t mind looking here is my read only link:

My temp site URL is:

Thank you in advance,

@rjbiccum we can’t see you form settings from a preview link. Could you share a screenshot?


OK, just tested it on the temp site on WEBFLOW, I received the email in the customer’s email, however, there was no content. Only a message that says “you have received a message…”
Thanks to anyone who can check, perhaps I have a bracket in the wrong place, which is my main concern,

:thinking: I’d leave out the content in ‘email template’ and try again. If that gets a similar result, email support.

Thanks for the tip Sarah Frison, that didn’t work so filled out a form asking Webflow Support for help. Thanks for the help

@rjbiccum good to know. I’m sure they’ll get back to you quickly once they’re back from the weekend :slight_smile:

@rjbiccum => You have a typo in the Email Template. {forData}} needs to be replaced with {{formData}}.


That should resolve your issue. I just noticed the issue when I loaded the image you shared, out of curiosity. Easy to miss.


@webdev ha! Excellent catch! Yes, that wouldn’t work :joy:

Thank you Webdev. Also, I noticed when I was exporting code it says to “Host with Webflow to take advantage of CMS… Forms, etc” does this mean I have to host with webflow to use the form element? Thanks, Rob

Webflow’s forms processing engine only works when sites are hosted on Webflow. If you are self hosting, you need to use a third-party form processor or scripting on your host.

Thanks , do you have any recommendations?

I prefer right now. Been rock steady, price is right. Can use for many projects. There are other fine solutions in the University Integrations Topic