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Conditional Visibility - works in designer, not on live page

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a little issue with items with conditional visibility not showing up at all.

I’ve been using conditional visibility for the past 2 years to showcase our projects with different layouts. Most of our projects show just one video (Example), but some of our CMS projects have multiple videos and multiple images that we want to showcase.

For these projects, I have a CMS reference field called “Case Study Layout” where I can selected between different layouts (2 video layout, 3 video layout, etc…).

As I mentioned before, I’ve used this feature/conditional visibility for the past 2 years and haven’t had any issues.

Right now, we are re-designing our site and for some reason, any project with conditional formatting now shows up completely blank –– See example.

The strangest thing is that in the Webflow Designer, I can see everything fine. Both when I’m designing and when I do the Live Preview mode. ONLY on the live published site is where nothing shows up – just blank!

The re-design site is currently WIP, but you can see example of how it is working on our live website right now:

Curious to hear if anyone has a clue why this suddenly stopped working… Did I accidentally flip a switch somewhere?!

Thank you!!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(CMS Collection is “Work Template” and an example of project with conditional visibility is “Man of the Woods”)

Out of curiosity: if you delete the Conditional Visibility settings on the PROJECT1_Layout class and publish it, does the “Man of the Woods” page work as intended on the live website?

Hey @mattvaru and thank you for your replies!

The videos are embedded with the regular video element which is linked to a video URL in the CMS collection.

I just tried to delete the conditional visibility settings like you mentioned and still nothing shows. It shows in the designer, but not live. Very strange…

If it’s to any help – while redesigning the site, I was working on a duplicated version our site. The “Man of the Woods” project is working perfectly fine there, and everything should be the exact mirror of one another.

I copied SOME of the elements over from the WIP site to the “new site”, but also re-built some elements over “from scratch”, if that makes any sense?

Interesting - so are you saying this problem only exists in the one project? That’s very odd behavior…

I get what you’re saying though! I’ll do some more investigating in the AM and see if I can find anything – someone else with more experience with the CMS may be able to find a solution as well between now and then.

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Exactly. I’ve been merging stuff over from the Work In Progress site to the “new one” over the past few days. Everything’s been working fine except for this strange issue.

And thank you again - appreciate you taking your time helping out on this!

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