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Conditional visibility without republishing

Hey everyone,
I’m hoping someone of you may have run into the same issue, and I’m interested in hearing your fix/workaround:
I have my shop set up with ‘SOLD’ tags on the items that are sold out. They only appear conditionally when the items quantity reaches 0. Yet until I actually republish the site (no other action needed), they do not appear on the live site.

Any ideas?

Cheers from Germany,

Hmmm I’ve not run into that myself—do the tags not go away as soon as you update the product item inventory? I don’t believe you shouldn’t need a full republish, just “publishing” the update product info should hide those since the product would have an inventory > 0.

Hey @cepheicephei

The functionality for conditional visibility based on product quantity does not currently exist. We are aware of the desire to achieve that. Please feel free to go over to the Wishlist and upvote that idea. This helps us to understand the need better.


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