Conditional visibility WITHIN Collection Fields?

Hello, it looks like this feature may have been added to the Wishlist here, but at that time didn’t actually exist, so bringing it up again.

Is there a way to optionally show/hide Collection Fields (in the backend itself, where you or a client does CMS input) based on another Collection Field?

For example, I am building out my portfolio website ( I have a CMS collection called “Projects”, but I want to show different Collection Fields depending on the type of Project. So if I created a field called Type and had the option of “Static” or “Video”, when I select “Video”, I’d only see the Collection Fields relevant to creating a video like a direct link to an MP4. I wouldn’t want that MP4 field to show up if the project type is not a Video (even if it’s not required) as it would create confusion for less technical clients building out their content.

Is this possible?

Not supported by Webflow.