Conditional Visibility using 'Equals' not working


I have a blog category that includes a ‘number’ rating from 0 to 5. Based on this rating I am trying to only display an image if the rating number of that blog equals 5. The image remains hidden though and I can’t figure out why.

This seems pretty simple however I can’t seem to get it to work. All the other options seem to change the visibility such as ‘does not equal’, ‘is set’ etc. but these won’t work under my scenario where I want to display a different image for all 5 ratings.

Here is the number rating set within the Blog collection:

Here is the 'Conditional Visibility being set for the image:

And here is a screegrab showing the image and the Conditional visibility setting:

Can someone please help me?


If you don’t share your read-only link, nobody can help you.

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